Nanostructure barcodes for plastic injection moulding

imZERT technology is unique!

The ONLY parts marking method providing 

scannable barcode markings at any size! 





Mold inserts with surface microstructures

▪ Mold inserts are steel parts with surface microstructures

▪ Inserts are fitted to cavity by tool maker

▪ Inserts are used directly

▪ Demonstrated with many polymers...

▪ Plastics: PE, PP, PA, PS, PC, ABS, PMMA

▪ Elastomers: TPU, TPE, LSR

imZERT nanostructures

▪ Surface texture with box-like structure

▪ Repeat pattern ca. 1.0 µm

▪ Surface roughness Ra ca. 0.2 µm

▪ Achieved by lithography

▪ Arranged to appear as regular barcodes

▪ Durable: more than 150.000 cycles without degradation

▪ Compatible with all polymers tested

▪ Supports any barcode standard and content

▪ Supports barcode size from 1x1 mm2

▪ Microstructures are prepared on steel using proprietary hard coating

▪ Patented!

High optical contrast markings

▪ Box-like structures for efficient light scattering

▪ Strongly dependent on orientation

▪ Contrast A: diffusion

▪ Contrast B: diffraction

▪ Contrast A+B allows scanning from more angles

▪ Applicable to any color of polymer

▪ Works even for white plastic!


(trial with large pharma company)

▪ White medical plastic

▪ Available Vision system scans barcode

▪ Barcode size: < 3x3 mm2

▪ GS-1 Datamatrix, 10x10

Image: shows Vision camera output (section)


▪ Size from 1x1 mm2

Barcodes can be delivered to any size from 1x1 mm2. Barcode size 2.5x2.5 mm2 on white plastic was shown to scan with smartphone.

▪ Any barcode standard and content

Demonstrated with QR and Datamatrix standards. Our process is based on lithography and requires only vector file with code

▪ Tool steel

imZERT is delivered on high quality tool steel, 1.2344 equivalent

Glass filling and other abrasives will cause wear of imZERT

▪ Molding parameters

Our experience is that no modification to molding cycle is needed. We recommend trial molding before implementation

▪ Scans with Vision and smartphone

Tests with Customer vision and with Datalogic scanners passed. High-quality smartphone scanner apps easily recognize imZERT

▪ Position on part

There are no indications for preferred position with respect to gate

imZERT has roughness comparable to diamond polished surface Ra ca. 0.2 µm. This affects choice of draft angle

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