imZERT is provided by rel8 according to specifications provided by the customer. We can advise towards a practical implementation. We suggest to use imZERT in a smaller implementation, before launching into full deployment. There are several ways of testing imZERT, also allowing for novel implementation methods.

How to get started using imZERT

imZERT can serve many purposes, and we can help you get started in many ways. We have several trial options that will help you evaluate the imZERT solution within your own facilities. 

We can provide:

–  samples for evaluation

–  simple mould inserts for test in most test moulds

– Development Kit for tests in actual moulds. 

Test in R&D setting

Your organization can work with imZERTs in a safe environment, with limited variation in materials, moulds, operators etc. You can decide for testing the imZERT moulding process with your specific materials, or to move ahead to include your own specific imZERTs designed with your specific information in the imZERT barcodes.

Test in production operations

A classic Root Cause Analysis is one of the fastest ways to become familiar with imZERT in operations, where you may need to know more about your moulding processes and/or how the raw material is working in specific cavities in a mould. Installing imZERT enables you to track the actual moulding performance. This live evaluation provides benefits and could inspire other opportunities to improve efficiency. 

In-bound/out-bound inspections also provide good entry-points for imZERT traceability.

Work with your suppliers

Where more sub-suppliers deliver otherwise identical moulded parts, imZERT can be used as identification in comparison trials. Soon you can track differences in performance.

Evaluation of your imZERT application project

Successful implementation of imZERT begins with first discussing your application ideas. We are happy to engage a conversation to build upon your ideas. The following topics are good starting points for defining your imZERT solution: 

    What is the intended application?

    • Type of product
    • Sort of polymer incl. colours

    Who and where will scanning be performed?

    What is the purpose of the imZERT barcodes?

    • Which applications and/or systems will they support?

    What is the desired serviceable lifetime of the barcode on the part (internal, external, end-of-life)?

    • Can the barcode be placed recessed from the surface, for instance be provided with a surrounding frame?

    Information needed for quotations

    We can also provide an Estimate, for which the following information is necessary:

    Which barcode standard will be used?
    • Datamatrix, QR Code, or other?
    • Will GS-1 / IDMS / other external registration be involved?
    What is the desired area size of the barcode, including Quiet Zone?
    • Why was this size chosen (briefly)?  [AxA mm2]
    How many barcodes are required? Volume pricing is felt from order sizes above 50-100, depending on the size of the barcode.   [Number] Which type of geometry are you planning to use?

    Type of geometry

    For now, we are able to provide 4 different kinds of imZERTs.

    1. Round plug with threaded hole in back (without recess) – mounted from parting side
    2. Square plug with rounded corners and threaded hole in back –  mounted from parting side
    3. “Pin plug,” round – mounted from out-side
    4. “Threaded version” – mounted from parting side (development on-going)

    We can provide barcodes in different formats, for Customer adaptation.

    We are always available for online meetings.

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