When a product or a component for a product is modified, there are ramifications along the entire process chain and beyond. After the update, it

“Did you know? Our #Vision department in ProInvent A/S has lately developed a vision system that can acquire 2D barcodes, such as data matrices or

Verdens mindste stregkode åbner for sporbarhed på billige plastemner. https://ing.dk/artikel/verdens-mindste-stregkode-dansk-244715 Ingeniøren skrev en fin feature om imZERT stregkodeteknologi i deres tema-nummer om IoT. Stregkoden kan

COVID vaccines faced counterfeits from the start! What if the individual bottle was watermarked with nanostructured barcodes, directly on the packaging? Traceability protects pharmaceuticals today,

Hvordan holder man styr på alle emner i fabrikken? En ny sporbarheds-løsning er kommet fra en startup, der med verdens mindste stregkode integreret i støbeformen

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