Features and advantages



imZERT barcodes ensure parts can trace all the way back to the individual mold or cavity where it was created. This removes doubts origin during later processes such as filling and assembly, and simplifies investigations during re-calls, troubleshooting and in case of counterfeits. 



ImZERT barcode markings are applied to the part already during injection molding – no need for further work cycles, post-processing, or equipment. No ink, sticker, label or direct part engraving.


imZERT barcode markings are applied without automation, moving parts, robotics or additional materials, removing risk of breakdown. The barcode mark is applied exactly where it is wanted on the part, every time, without fail.


Direct Part Marking with imZERT offers many practical opportunities to improve Quality during many process steps in production chain, while supporting Lean methods to minimize waste.


Compared to Direct Part Marking methods such as labelling and laser engraving the cost per part decreases, which combined with reduced breakdown risks provides for lower Total Cost of Marking.

Technical advantages / Technical features

imZERT is an innovative method for embedding machine-readable information directly in the surface structure of a plastic product. High quality, high accuracy and high visibility 2D barcodes are applied to any size parts directly during molding – without affecting production efficiency. imZERT is completely safe and sustainable in production and use.


Contamination free

Nanostructured imZERT barcodes are safe and clean. There is absolutely no contamination of the polymer and no need for special pigments.


Production speed unchanged

The imZERT direct part marking method has no impact on production speed, as the parts are marked within the moulding work cycle. Validated injection moulding parameters are not affected.



Durability pre-trials show more than 160.000 shots without any detectable degradation, indicating high likelihood of longer life-time.



Size and position

imZERT barcode sizes down to 1×1 mm<sup>2</sup> enables marking of most parts. Barcodes are positioned accurately in the desired position, every time – no marking fails.


Scannability by all optical means

imZERT barcodes can be scanned in all sizes and all colours of polymer, using Vision cameras, inline DPM barcode scanners, handscanners, smartphones, 3D scanners and PCB scanners.


High contrast and quality

Our microstructure textures have industry-leading fidelity, for the highest quality of any mold marking, This ensures machine-readable barcodes, even on very small plastic parts!



Traceability back to moulding step

Most marking methods apply after moulding or even after assembly.  imZERT marks during moulding, for traceability that reaches through operations, suppliers and tiers.



imZERT supports all barcode standards (QR Code, Datamatrix, etc.), and allows any type of information and system integration. Include specific information in the barcode, or use consecutive or random keys.


Intelligence and sorting

imZERT enables information sorting by Cavity / Mould ID, supplier ID, product and revision ID, prototype ID, and more. Batch and lot ID adds granularity. Traceability can transfer to filled contents and to sub-assemblies.

How does imZERT reduce your costs and Cost of Poor Quality?

imZERT barcodes open new opportunities to improve performance and quality – and reduces Cost of Poor Quality. The simplifications in Direct Part Marking reduce marking-related costs and provides critical information during downstream processes with potential for further savings.

Reducing CoPQ is about getting right things done right, first time

Although universally true, it is easier said than done. imZERT barcodes will help you and your organisation realise your goals. You can start by tracking one problem, then later include more Quality controls.

imZERT barcodes improve traceability for processes and products. You decide where to target your imZERT traceability, whether internally, at suppliers or to solve down-stream or after-sales challenges. You decide which particular moulds and cavities, batches or lots, should be included, and if all components or only critical ones should carry and transfer traceability.

imZERT helps sort defects directly in inbound inspection, on the assembly line or in final outbound inspection. Even just one marked part can add the traceability for critical data and tracking opportunities, both in over-all quality control as well as root cause analysis.

imZERT barcodes placed “covertly” in your product can help to narrow re-calls, simplify investigations and to detect product piracy.

Using imZERT™ gives a lower CAPEX and OPEX in most situations

The marking is done directly in the moulding process,without any auxiliary equipment, automation or materials. The part emerges from the mould already marked.

There is no need to re-calibrate and/or verify processes again, as imZERT applies barcodes on polymers at their typical process specifications.

imZERT is generally cheaper than laser-engraving or application of labels.

There is very little risk of failure during marking, minimizing waste due to marking failures. This is especially important when marking smaller parts.

Moulding productivity stays unaffected as no further work cycles or process steps are needed for marking.
You might even be able to reduce cost of inline scanning setups, since the smartphone apps are feasible to use for scanning and data tracking in most situations.

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