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Quality and efficiency are key to any business. Use imZERT™ with your QM, ERP or any other systems for data driven Quality – anywhere from supplier to customer.



It takes meticulous efforts over years to build up your brand value. imZERT adds physical traceability to your protection of brand assets against attacks and risks.

Become more sustainable

We all need to reduce the amount of plastic waste in production and use, and try to build up closed loop recycling. imZERT™ can help you with traceability. 


Strengthen R&D documentation

Research and development involves many ideas to be tested and twisted over time. imZERT helps to keep track of changes, modifications, trials and versions with markings on test items.

Data driven quality and performance is ever more important to most businesses. Deploy imZERT barcodes across operations to open more planning and control opportunities. Improve use of equipment and resources, know about available and approved batches, reduce downtime due to lack of components and minimize time spent on NCRs on non-approved items.

imZERT can be positioned in every cavity in a mould – and be specific for every cavity in every mould. You can even change barcodes with every batch, or whenever a mould is up for scheduled maintenance. Use imZERT in your most critical moulds to benefit efficiency directly – without the need to change or re-validate processes.

Expand your Industry 4.0 ambitions now, to include your plastic components!


Improve quality and efficiency

Speed up problem solving

Use imZERTs in moulds, cavities or batches to create the tracking base/data to meet your strategic needs to avoid defective items reaching end-users. When you are able to pick up any part and know details such as the specific mould, cavity and batch it came from, you make it so much easier to track problems back through process steps to fix them.

Adding imZERT to just one part can supply a basic quality system for the final assembled product. As more parts receive imZERT barcodes, you can follow the full production flow and track any changes and/or challenges as a preventive opportunity – or when historical data are needed.

imZERT is product-level traceability, for easier and faster problem detection and resolution. imZERT reduces the number of parts produced with defects. This has many positive effects, such as reducing re-work on defective items, reducing sorting efforts to find the defective items, reducing compensation production, and reducing the time to approve re-worked items. And it strengthens Root Cause Analysis, also where it concerns moulding equipment, individuals moulds and specific cavities.

Improve assembly efficiency in your operations

Assembly operations take time for co-ordination of available parts, man hours, calibrated equipment etc. Using imZERT barcodes will improve efficiency by ensuring all parts have been through inbound control, visual defect control, parts released by QA, etc.

Reduce downtime at equipment caused by lack of (right combination of) components. Reduce man hours waiting for items. Avoid re-work due to defective items; sort produced items, re-assemble and approve items assembled with alternative materials or processes.

The actual assembly process is also a point of decision – this is where automatic verification ensures you will never assemble wrong or faulty components. Any up-stream changes can be logged, and problems stopped before they grow. Stop the risk of shipping old revisions – and accurately re-grind any wrong parts that show up. If problems are detected later on, you now have the logged data to selectively withdraw only affected items.

Control your supplier’s quality

Provide your suppliers with imZERT for integration in their moulds. Having a multiple supplier strategy, imZERT will ease tracking and comparing component performance. This helps to decrease their cost of poor quality and to improve their performance by reducing waste, simplifying defects investigation, and tracking of internal processes.

Set up data driven inbound inspections based on Imzerts, to save time spent to do internal/external NCR handling and avoid down time due to items “at hold”. Improving supplier quality ultimately benefits you by decreasing both prices and operational costs.

Reduce size of re-calls

Re-calls are a nightmare. They can affect customer’s view on your performance and they are time and resource consuming to conduct. All businesses must strive to avoid re-calls, and to minimize their impact when the need for re-call arises.

Imzerts used at batch level might narrow down the number of products re-called. You can specify the actual number of products by using the imZERT barcode. Send out information asking your distributors, customers and/or end users to scan the barcode for checking if a specific unit might need to be returned and/or replaced. Most mobile devices will help fulfilling this task.

Scrap: Take a look at the processes in you operations – and you will find many more opportunities for efficiency gains and risk minimization with imZERT.


Defend brand value

Detect product piracy and counterfeits

Having built a popular brand might invite other companies to start copying your products. Tracking, proofing, and protecting your values can be difficult and expensive.

imZERT adds authenticity to your product and provides a method for detecting product piracy. imZERT is an inseparable part of the product and any tampering is therefore easily detected. Place a small imZERT in a position hard to find and use batches to control the amount produced.

imZERT can be used for overt protection of the whole value chain, or as covert protection to aid in infringement investigations. The minute somebody might be suspicious for anti-counterfeit; you will be able to immediately check the physical barcode moulded in a part of the product.

Protect your products from “over-runs”

As a brand owner you can be challenged by key suppliers making additional non-contract product to be sold through parallel channels.

You can use imZERT to limit over-production through barcode insert reclamation programs. The imZERT is a physical mould element, you ask your supplier to use – and finished with a certain number of parts, having the imZERT shipped back to your own site.

Using different imZERTs to different suppliers; perhaps down to a specific imZERT for a specific batch you will be able to add an even better protection.

An easier way to track anti-diversion

Selling your products all over the World, you might have certain public and national restrictions to align with. Country and region-specific marketing opens the risk of your products being diverted from their intended jurisdiction.

imZERT provides a very clear indication, that cannot be removed by re-packaging the item. Having this on your products, it will be easier for customs and other national authorities to track any anti-diversion. All they need is a mobile device to scan the imZert barcode.

Become more sustainable

Mark the materials content

imZERTs helps marking materials without contamination. Adding imZERT barcode to a product is done directly in the moulding process. Later, scanning the imZERT barcode the information about material content can be read – and you will know how to handle and recycle the material.

You can share this information with your customers and end users, giving them a possibility to scan the imZERT barcode with their mobile device. They can receive information on what to do directly – or be directed to a homepage for more information for how to dismantle the item into components.

Minimize waste in your production

Using imZERT barcodes will help reducing waste in your production. The imZERT barcodes increases the opportunity to sort defects more precisely if a portion of a batch does not conform.

If one cavity doesn’t mould properly, the entire production batch is often thrown away if manual sorting is too expensive. With individual cavity marking, an automated sorting system can now separate defective items from that cavity from all correct products – with minimal effort, reducing waste, giving an opportunity to recycle and re-grind, and thereby saving valuable resources.


Make R&D documentation more robust

Track revisions in R&D processes

The development and launch of a new product requires meticulous efforts and documentation of steps and design choices made. Changes made in raw materials, positions of elements, design etc. are common steps in most R&D, but documenting these changes and steps is sometimes handled with less care, postponed or simply forgotten.

imZERTs makes tracking of revisions much easier. Use a specific imZERT barcode for each batch, type of raw material or specific moulding process parameters, to ease tracking of versions and parameter set up with strong links to the actually moulded parts.

You can even design a specific series of imZERT barcodes, so you will get a robust R&D process comparing data over time. Because the imZERT barcode the specific series of revisions or tests done.

Track revisions during pilot tests and ramp up

Setting up pilot tests is sometimes done at different moulds, machines, lines or sites. Providing them with individual imZERTs makes it easier to track performance for the same material moulded in different moulds. Your vision system will easily help segmenting the parts before and after tests done over time.

If you have any uncertainties during ramp up, imZERT barcodes can help giving information about each batch, so you will know how to sort, scrap, sell, etc. each moulded item or product assembled. And with imZERT and automated sorting, you never again have to worry about line clearance.

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