imZERT™ - provided by rel8 ApS

imZERT™ provides the only traceability system for polymer materials that combines all the following features:

  1. Ability to perform Direct Part Marking on small parts
  2. Improved scannability for both large and small barcodes through ultra-sharp features (compared to laser-engraving in the mould)
  3. Ability to mark even light and white plastics with scannable barcodes (superior to laser-engraving in the mould)
  4. Very low risk of breakdown or mis-labelling
  5. Zero risk of contamination of product

Rel8 has matured the imZERT™ traceability system based on patented technology, which combines novel nano-enabled manufacturing methods with digital manufacturing principles.

Rel8 provides these traceability methods to help companies improve quality and production, minimize resource usage and waste, stop harmful and wasteful product piracy, and to maximize the value of recycling. Rel8 hopes to help reduce the global impact of manufacturing to the planet.​


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