imZERT - Direct Part Marking during injection molding

Nanostructure barcodes for plastic injection moulding

injection molded part, ABS


Standard: 10x10 Datamatrix

Size:           2.5 mm x 2.5 mm

Content:   "100A"

mold insert

Direct Part Marking during injection molding

imZERT is integrated in the mold as inserts. Barcodes can be prepared based on any standard, with any desired size and content. Parts are molded directly using typical molding conditions and parameters. With proper optics, lighting and scanner software (we suggest CortexScan by TachyonIQ), even small barcodes are scannable.

Barcode microstructures are prepared on tool steel inserts (1.2344) using proprietary quartz hard-coating technology.

mold + insert


imZERT is integrated as an insert in the mold or cavity. No further work or process needed.



Code: 10x10 Datamatrix

Size: 2.5 mm x 2.5 mm


The barcode microstructures are a surface texture, which transfers to any color of plastic, and to most types of plastic.

Code: 10x10 Datamatrix

Size: 10 mm x 10 mm

Scan Contrast

High visibility barcodes of any size can be scanned - even on white plastic!

High-Quality barcode markings on plastic - simple!

imZERT is an innovative method for embedding machine-readable information directly in the surface structure of a plastic product. Highest quality and highest visibility 2D barcodes are applied to any size parts directly during molding – without affecting production efficiency. imZERT is completely safe and sustainable in production and use.


imZERT barcode markings are applied to the part already during injection molding - no need for fur-ther work cycles, post-processing, or equipment. No ink, sticker, label or direct part engraving, avoiding any risk of contamination.


In-mold-markings ensure parts can trace to individual molds or cavities. Critical information on the part re-moves doubt during quality control, sorting, assembly, customer inter-action, multi-tier process chains, and in case of counterfeits.


Our barcode markings are microstructure textures provided on mold inserts without any moving parts, reducing risks and overall cost of marking parts. Durability pre-trials show more than 100.000 shots without any degradation.


Our microstructure textures have industry-leading fidelity, for the highest quality of any mold marking, This ensures machine-readable barcodes, even on smaller plastic parts! Rigorous process control ensures consistent outcomes.

Scanning of barcodes by smartphone

Here we demonstrate how barcodes can be scanned using a regular smartphone, and the CortexScan scanning app by Code Corp.

Inserts with nanostructured 2D barcodes 1x1 and 2x2 mm2. Plastic parts with moulded barcodes in sizes from 10x10 down to 2.4x2.4 mm2, in black, blue and white colours. All can be quickly scanned with smartphone. 

Traceability for your plastic product

Placing markings and barcodes directly on plastic parts can be difficult and bring unwanted side effects, such as cost for machinery and consumables, contamination of the product, and risk of machinery breakdown. Most traceability solutions do not even mark the part, but rely on inferred traceability codes on packaging or containers. Only Direct Part Marking DURING injection molding provides credible traceability all the way back to the mold cavity.

Marking is complex and has risk?

Often parts are marked AFTER they have been molded, requiring complex machinery and costly maintenance. 

imZERT is simple and durable.

Traceability link is broken?

Medical devices, auto parts, mechanical or electronic components are often produced without marking, relying on packaging labels, which are often lost.

imZERT places SKU on the part, so it can't get lost.

Small parts can't be marked?

imZERT solves this challenge - our inserts can be placed with high accuracy in the mold. The very high optical contrast of imZERT ensures effective barcode scans, even for small parts. 

Does traceability help? 

Failing mold cavities, efficient sorting, SKU for assembly and filling, Quality Control checks, anti-counterfeit.

imZERT is traceability from molding to recycling.

Critical information on part enhances production...

Doubt is removed when relevant ID and information is molded on the part - machine-readable barcodes integrate well into intelligent production systems: Lean processes are optimized, Automation becomes more robust, Quality Control systems strengthened, Sorting is simplified, and Assembly and Filling processes become accurate. Overall transparency is achieved, for a data-driven entreprise.

small injection molded barcode on medical disposable syringe
small mold cavity insert for injection molding of small products with 2D barcode
small mold cavity insert for injection molding of small products with 2D barcode
small mold cavity insert for injection molding of small products with 2D barcode

... and simplifies valuable identification everywhere

  • UDI for Medical Devices 
  • Electronic components ID
  • Verification during packaging
  • Car parts verification
  • Manual and instructions retrieval
  • Customer interaction
  • Recycling information
  • Anti-counterfeit
  • etc.


The simplicity of imZERT brings many valuable advantages



No foreign materials or contamination. Microstructures are as safe as any surface texture.

Barcodes are integral surface texture, remaining on product after packaging is discarded.


High Contrast = Brightest barcodes

Barcode markings are applied DURING molding, not after, requiring no machinery or consumables.

Vision and smartphones recognize imZERT barcodes, even on white polymer. 

Keeps validated molding parameters

Lowest Risk

imZERT markings replicate within normal molding parameter ranges. 

Eliminates risk of equipment down-time, and of migration of unwanted substances.


Reliable and Durable

The correct barcode is placed accurately on part every time, eliminating expensive alignment problems.

imZERT mold inserts have so far demonstrated 150.000+ mold cycles without detectable wear.


Widely applicable

Part ID, Mold ID, Cavity ID, Assembly ID, Quality ID, OEM ID, UDI. GS1 compatibility. Batch/Lot ID.

All plastics and elastomers. Any barcode standard and content. Any size. Retro-fitting possible.



The smallest barcode markings that scan directly by Vision and smartphone. Size from 1 mm x 1 mm.

Absence of foreign materials simplifies recycling. Marking improves sorting systems ability to up-cycle waste streams.

Cost Efficient


No investments in machinery or equipment. No running costs. No impact on mold cycle time. 

imZERT is easy to integrate and our microstructure barcodes can be scanned under most conditions


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