Traceability for all plastic products

imZERT provides plastic products and components with simple and effective traceability markings based on safe and accurate nanostructures.


All plastic or elastomer products can now be marked with machine-readable barcodes, down to 1×1 mm2.

Use imZERT barcode technology to place mission critical information where it helps the most – directly on the part!

imZERT™ for injection moulding – see how it works


The video demonstrates nanostructured mould inserts in injection moulding, for Direct Part Marking with high contrast 2D barcodes. Simple and powerful.

Two barcodes following Datamatrix ECC200 symbology are integrated as replaceable inserts. The square plug with rounded corners has a 20×20 barcode with physical size 8×8 mm2, while the round plug with square frame has a 16×16 barcode of area 3×3 mm2.

Introducing imZERT™

Traceability information embedded in every single piece of plastic

Direct Part Making places information where it is needed the most – on the part.


Placing markings and barcodes directly and accurately on plastic parts used to be difficult and could bring unwanted side effects. Typical trade-offs involved costs for machinery and consumables, contamination of the product, and risk of machinery breakdown, which can be prohibitive to marking.


Most traceability solutions today do not even mark the actual part. Instead, they rely on inferred traceability transferred from packaging or containers.


imZERT™ marks the part directly DURING injection molding, to provide credible traceability all the way back to the mould cavity and/or the batch.


Simple imZERT DPM during 

moulding places barcodes 

accurately on the part


Nanostructured imZERTbarcodes 

stay on the part, even when 

the packaging is lost


The highly accurate imZERT method 

marks barcodes accurately,

even on small parts


Mark every single part and component

Solving a problem in production, assembly or after sales is challenging when traceability is broken. imZERT™ reaches all the way back to the mould, simplifiying root-cause-analysis to enable fast corrective actions.

A careful implementation of imZERT™ traceability will  help you when you are trying to answer the most important questions:

  • Is it really the part I think it is?
  • Where did this part or product come from?
  • Who made it? Which sub-supplier?
  • When was it made? Which batch did it come from?
  • Was it processed correctly? Was it assembled correctly?
  • Could it be an earlier revision that shouldn’t be here?
  • Where can I find more information about this part?
  • Is this a pirated copy of my product?

If you require 100% Certainty, then imZERT™ is for you. 

imZERT – high-contrast barcode markings for traceability in injection molding

Traceability markings on small medical devices and products is difficult to achieve. We offer the first high-visibility barcode markings with small size, to create traceable links between non-conforming parts with the specific Cavity that produced them, to enable elimination of faulty parts with minimization of loss. Our barcodes are based on microstructures, without foreign materials and without impact on mold cycle parameters.

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3 provides traceability for many applications in the product life-cycle:
Single-Cavity ID – Keep track of cavity usage and wear
Batch ID – Obtain batch information directly on the product
Regulatory compliance – Medical and drug delivery devices
Optimize production – Supports Lean methodology
Complex production – Supply Chain Management / Industry 4.0
Anti-counterfeit and Security – Protect high-value products against copy
End-user reach – Customer, consumer and patient interaction
Recycle and upcycle – Recycle codes or URL link to recycle information
Prototyping – Keep track of development stages on the molded part

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